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Medical Bedside Tables

A medical bedside table, also known as an over the bed table with wheels, is a compact surface placed beside a patient’s bed in hospitals or homes. These tables offer a convenient solution for organizing essential items like water, medications, and personal belongings, promoting accessibility for patients and caregivers alike. Whether for hospitalized individuals, those under home care, individuals with limited mobility, or the elderly, medical bedside tables play a crucial role in enhancing comfort and facilitating easy access to necessities.

When choosing a medical bedside table, look for key features such as adjustable height, tilt-top surfaces suitable for various activities, storage options like drawers or shelves, integrated lighting for added convenience, and mobility enhancements like wheels or casters for effortless movement. Opt for models equipped with raised edges or guardrails to prevent items from slipping off, ensuring a safe environment. Durability is essential for sustained use in healthcare settings, so prioritize sturdy construction that can withstand daily demands. By focusing on functionality, accessibility, and user-friendly design, you can select the ideal medical bedside table to meet the unique requirements of patients and healthcare professionals.

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Top Medical Bedside Tables:

As part of our commitment to quality healthcare furniture, we present our top medical bedside tables that combine durability, functionality, and ease of use to enhance patient care and comfort.

Product 1: Invacare Overbed Table with Auto-Touch

  • Link: Invacare Overbed Table with Auto-Touch
  • Features:
    • Height adjustable (28″-40″) for reading, writing, or eating.
    • Walnut, wood-grain laminate top with molded edge for protection.
    • Auto-touch feature for effortless height adjustment.
    • Durable welded steel base.

Product 2: MedaCure Over Bed Table

  • Link: MedaCure Over Bed Table
  • Features:
    • Sturdy steel frame with a 50 lb. weight capacity.
    • Available in multiple colors: Mahogany, Cherry, Maple, Coastal Grey.
    • Tiltable wooden flame-resistant tabletop.
    • Height adjustable by coil spring lift (28” – 45”).
    • Four 2” easy to roll swivel casters with 2 locking casters.

Product 3: McKesson Overbed Table

  • Link: McKesson Overbed Table
  • Features:
    • Non-tilt spring-assisted lift with a height range of 28.25″ to 43.25″.
    • H-Base design with a durable chrome base.
    • Walnut laminate top with a 15″ x 31″ surface area.
    • Four-point H-Base with two locking dual-wheel nylon casters.
    • Weight Capacity: 50 lbs.

Product 4: Vive Health Overbed Table

  • Link: Vive Health Overbed Table
  • Features:
    • Versatile tabletop for bedside, sofa, or recliner use.
    • Tool-free height adjustments.
    • Four swivel castors and locking wheels for stability.
    • Durable steel frame supports up to 50 pounds.

Product 5: Carex Overbed Table With Wheels

  • Link: Carex Overbed Table With Wheels
  • Features:
    • Sturdy ABS plastic tabletop with a 33″ x 16″ surface area.
    • Height adjustable from 28″ to 42″ with an easy-to-use lever.
    • Suitable for right or left-handed use.
    • Four swivel casters for easy mobility.
    • Holds up to 50 lbs.

Comparison Table:

Feature Invacare Overbed Table MedaCure Over Bed Table McKesson Overbed Table Vive Health Overbed Table Carex Overbed Table With Wheels
Height Adjustment Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Height Range 28″-40″ 28″-45″ 28.25″-43.25″ Adjustable 28″-42″
Tilt-Top Surface No Yes No No No
Mobility Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lockable Casters Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weight Capacity Not specified 50 lbs 50 lbs 50 lbs 50 lbs
Material Laminate top, steel base Laminate top, steel frame Laminate top, chrome base Steel frame, laminate top ABS plastic tabletop, steel base
Assembly Required Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

This detailed overview showcases our top-selling medical bedside tables, each offering unique features to cater to different healthcare needs. Choose the perfect bedside table that meets your requirements for patient care excellence.

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Overall Summary of Medical Bedside Tables: Enhancing Patient Care

Medical bedside tables serve as indispensable assets in healthcare settings, providing a multitude of benefits and unparalleled convenience for both patients and caregivers. Their versatile nature and thoughtful design make them a perfect decision for any healthcare facility aiming to enhance patient comfort and accessibility.

Benefits and Convenience Provided by Medical Bedside Tables:

  1. Accessibility: Medical bedside tables offer a convenient and easily accessible surface for patients to keep essential items within reach, such as water, medications, personal belongings, and medical equipment. This accessibility empowers patients to maintain a sense of independence and control over their immediate environment.

  2. Functionality: With features like adjustable height, tilt-top surfaces for various activities, storage options such as drawers or shelves, and integrated lighting, medical bedside tables are designed to cater to diverse patient needs. These functional elements contribute to a seamless care experience for both patients and healthcare providers.

  3. Mobility and Maneuverability: Tables equipped with wheels or casters provide effortless mobility and maneuverability, allowing for easy repositioning based on patient requirements or room layout. This mobility feature ensures quick adjustments to accommodate different tasks or caregiving activities, enhancing overall efficiency.

  4. Safety and Stability: Many medical bedside tables come with safety features like raised edges, guardrails, and lockable casters to prevent items from falling off and ensure stable positioning. These safety measures promote a secure and hazard-free environment, reducing the risk of accidents or mishaps.

  5. Durability and Longevity: Constructed from sturdy materials like steel frames, chrome bases, and high-quality laminates, medical bedside tables are built to withstand regular use in healthcare environments. Their durability ensures longevity, making them a worthwhile investment for sustainable patient care solutions.

In conclusion, medical bedside tables represent a comprehensive solution that combines practicality, functionality, and patient-centered care. By providing enhanced accessibility, functionality, mobility, safety, and durability, these tables play a vital role in promoting comfort, independence, and well-being for patients while facilitating seamless caregiving processes for healthcare professionals. Embracing the use of medical bedside tables is not just a decision; it’s a commitment to elevating the standard of care and ensuring optimal comfort and convenience for those under medical supervision.

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