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Standard crutches

Standard crutches, also known as underarm crutches or axillary crutches, are a common and straightforward mobility aid designed to assist individuals with temporary lower limb injuries or mobility challenges. These crutches consist of a padded top that fits snugly under the arms and a handgrip positioned a few inches below. Users bear their weight by placing their weight on the handgrips while keeping the crutch pads under their armpits.

Standard crutches provide support and help users move about during the healing process or rehabilitation, making them suitable for short-term use. They are lightweight, easy to adjust for height, and relatively simple to use, making them a practical choice for individuals recovering from injuries or surgeries. Proper fitting and training are essential to ensure comfort and safety while using standard crutches, allowing users to regain their mobility and independence during their recovery journey.

Key Features of Standard Crutches

Standard crutches, also known as underarm crutches or axillary crutches, offer a simple yet effective means of mobility support for individuals with temporary lower limb injuries or mobility limitations. Here are the key features of standard crutches:

Padded Underarm Supports

Standard crutches have padded tops that fit under the user’s arms, providing comfort and preventing chafing or irritation in the underarm area.


Located a few inches below the underarm supports, these handgrips are designed for users to grasp onto while walking. They are typically made from durable and comfortable materials, such as rubber or foam.

Adjustable Height

Most standard crutches have telescoping legs or push-button mechanisms that allow users to adjust the crutch’s height to suit their individual needs. Proper height adjustment is crucial for maintaining comfort and stability.

Non-Slip Ferrules (Tips)

The bottom ends of the crutches are fitted with non-slip rubber ferrules or tips to provide traction and prevent slipping, ensuring safe use on various surfaces.

Lightweight Construction

Standard crutches are typically made from lightweight materials such as aluminum or steel to minimize the overall weight and make them easier to carry and maneuver.

Simple Design

Their straightforward design makes them easy to use and maintain, with fewer components compared to other mobility aids.

Single-Point Support

Standard crutches provide single-point support, which means that users bear their weight on one leg at a time, alternating between the two crutches with each step.


Some models may be foldable for convenient storage and transportation, making them more practical for individuals on the go.

Weight Capacity

Standard crutches are designed to support users within a specific weight range, typically up to around 300 pounds (136 kilograms). It’s important to choose crutches that match the user’s weight to ensure safety and durability.

Ease of Use

Standard crutches require minimal training to use effectively, with users learning to balance and walk with them quickly. However, proper technique and safety considerations should be observed.


Compared to some other mobility aids, standard crutches are often more budget-friendly, making them a cost-effective option for temporary mobility support.

Available in Different Sizes

They come in various sizes to accommodate users of different heights and body types.

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