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Avanti Unique Lightweight Rollator




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Boasting a convenient one or two-hand operation, the Avanti Unique Lightweight Rollator is an incredible lightweight rolling walker designed to offer convenience and comfortable movement for the users. It has an elegant, modern, patented, lightweight design with a brake bar under the entire soft rubbery handle allowing the user to brake both rear wheels simultaneously with only one hand. By pushing the brake bar down you can lock the brake when you want to park your walker. It can also be easily folded for storage or transportation.

The Avanti Unique Lightweight Rollator has a removable cup holder and a plastic tray that can be utilized to transport small items and under the tray a removable, washable nylon bag is present. The rolling walker has 8″ four soft rubber wheels that make it very easy to turn and roll the walker.  

The signature S-shaped back wheel gives a boost and helps avoid trips and falls making it a perfect walking aid, even in small and narrow spaces. The ultra-grade metallic graphite construction and gives it unmatched durability and makes it perfect for harsh outdoor uses. Another thing is the versatile design makes it ideal for one or two-hand operation. The lightweight rollator walker also boasts an ultra-lightweight 15 lbs construction which makes it comfortable and easy-to-use. The adjustable handle height also makes the product amazing and ideal for people of varying heights.


  • Unique one or two hand operation
  • Brake bar activates both rear wheel brakes
  • Handle finished with soft foam rubber
  • Adjustable handle height  
  • Convenient removable cup holder
  • Removable plastic tray to transport small items
  • Removable, washable nylon bag
  • Hand brake locking system
  • Easy to operate in narrow and small spaces
  • Hand brake locking system  
  • Large 8″ wheels help overcome small obstacles  

Key Specifications

  • Weight Capacity ““ 300 lbs
  • Product Weight ““ 15 lbs
  • Overall Width ““ 23″
  • Overall Length ““ 27.5″
  • Overall Height ““ 33″, 37″