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Joerns Hoyer Lift Digital Scale



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Joerns Hoyer Lift With Scale

Introducing our Hoyer Lift with Scale – a pinnacle of innovation in patient care. Designed with precision and utmost consideration for both patients and caregivers, our lift combines the functionality of a Hoyer lift with the added convenience of an integrated scale. This cutting-edge solution streamlines the transfer process, ensuring the safety and dignity of patients while providing caregivers with accurate weight measurements. Our Hoyer Lift with Scale not only enhances efficiency in healthcare settings but also elevates the overall quality of patient care, embodying our commitment to excellence in medical equipment.

The Joerns Hoyer Lift Digital Scale is a specialized medical device designed to assist caregivers in accurately measuring the weight of patients while using a patient lift or hoist. Created by Joerns Healthcare, a company known for its patient care solutions, this digital scale is integrated with a patient lift system to provide a seamless and efficient way to monitor a patient’s weight during transfers.

Hoyer Lift With Scale

The Joerns Hoyer Lift Digital Scale is particularly beneficial in healthcare settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, and home care environments. It streamlines the process of weighing patients who may have limited mobility or difficulty standing on a traditional scale. The integration of the scale with a patient lift adds a layer of convenience and efficiency to patient care tasks.


The digital scale is designed to be integrated with a patient lift or hoist, allowing caregivers to weigh patients as part of the transfer process. The digital scale provides accurate weight measurements, offering caregivers and healthcare professionals precise information for monitoring the patient’s health and treatment progress.

Joerns Hoyer Lift Digital ScaleThe scale is typically built with durability in mind, ensuring it can withstand the demands of clinical environments. The scale is designed to be used with patient lifts or hoists, ensuring the safety of both patients and caregivers during transfers and weight measurements. By integrating the scale with a patient lift, caregivers can efficiently conduct weight measurements without requiring the patient to be moved to a separate weighing scale.


Joerns Hoyer lift with scaleKey Features of Hoyer Lift With Scale

A Hoyer lift with scale is a specialized patient lifting device designed to safely and accurately transfer individuals with limited mobility while also measuring their weight. These lifts are commonly used in healthcare settings, nursing homes, and home care environments.

Here are the key features of a Hoyer lift with a scale:

Lifting Mechanism: Hoyer lifts are equipped with a powered lifting mechanism, typically hydraulic or electric, that enables the caregiver to raise and lower the user smoothly and with minimal effort.

Scale Integration: The standout feature of this type of Hoyer lift is its integrated scale. The scale is designed to provide an accurate measurement of the user’s weight while they are being lifted or transferred.

Digital Display: The scale usually features a digital display that shows the user’s weight in real-time, making it easy for caregivers and healthcare professionals to monitor weight changes.

Weight Capacity: Hoyer lifts with scales come with specified weight capacities, often ranging from 400 to 600 pounds (181 to 272 kilograms), ensuring that they can safely accommodate a wide range of users.

Adjustable Sling: These lifts often include an adjustable sling or harness that supports the user during transfers. The sling can be customized to the user’s body size and shape.

Safe Transfers: Hoyer lifts are designed to ensure safe and comfortable transfers, reducing the risk of injury to both the user and the caregiver. Safety features may include locking casters, emergency stop buttons, and secure attachment points for the sling.

Hoyer lift for sale, Joerns Hoyer Lift Digital Scale for Models

  • HML400
  • HML403
  • PL400
  • HPL403
  • C-HLA-2

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Compatible with HPL402, HML400, C-HLA-2, C-HLA-2T, C-CB-L2

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