Life brings in certain circumstances when you lose independent mobility and have to depend upon others. It is where a lightweight foldable electric wheelchair comes into play. The rapid technological advancement being installed in the modern wheelchairs are considered best for those facing physical disability. 

The lightweight foldable electric wheelchairs are computerized and prove to be the best for users by giving them personal independence wherever they go. The lightweight foldable electric wheelchairs are backed with many features. You need to identify what are the features you are looking for and go for it. 

We have prepared a comprehensive guide that will help you to know what are the things to consider to choose the best lightweight electric wheelchair for yourself.  

Let us discuss the features to be taken into consideration while buying an electric wheelchair:

#1. Armrests

Armrests are meant for support of your arms so that the person feels the utmost comfort. It helps in pulling up or while the person wants to adjust or transfer your seating position. The design focuses on giving the best comfort to your arms.

  • Desk Length – The desk length armrests are considered to be the best as it fits  under the desk easily. It empowers the person to adjust the height of the lightweight foldable electric wheelchair to provide complete support.
  • Full Length Armrests – The pair of full length armrests proves to be the best to provide comfort to arms from the back to front part of the chair.
  • Swing Away Armrests – These armrests are very useful as they ensure cinch transfers because they usually swing back, behind, and side of the electric chair.
  • Tubular – With these armrests, there is full arms comfort and convenience downward flip or curve.
  • Space Saver Arm – Such kind of armrests help to adjust or transfer your seating position from one place to another with great ease.

#2. Footrests and Leg Rests

Having in-depth knowledge about the footrest part of the foldable electric wheelchair is always helpful. It is vital that your legs are safe and comfortable. The three main components of these chairs are – footrests, leg rests and footplates.

  • Footrests – The footrests support your feet to your comfort zone. They are comfortable, safe and give complete support for your lightweight foldable electric wheelchair.
  • Leg Rests – Leg rests are common for tilting or reclining wheelchairs. Leg rests are very useful for increasing footplate distance once they are elevated, shortened and lowered.
  • Footplates – Footplates are plastic or aluminum that provides great support. They are long adjustable designed to fulfill your requirements.

#3. Driving Controls

Lightweight foldable electric wheelchairs are designed to help your body to get a certain level of independence. You can go whenever you want by driving, that gives an active lifestyle in the best possible manner. 

  • The conventional and compact Joystick – The power switch, speed control, battery gauge are the key features of conventional joysticks that helps you to drive and control your lightweight foldable electric wheelchair at ease. 
  • Head and touchpad Controls – Finger control feature allows you to use your wheelchair at a single touch. The head control is attached to the headset. And the touchpad allows you to control your lightweight power wheelchair.
  • Sip & Puff Drive Control – This feature helps those who are unable to use their hands. You can give command on this driving control.
  • Wafer Boards – It is a digital system designed to take complete control of your wheelchair from the wheelchair tray or lap.
  • Proximity and Switch Drive Control –  It is the best feature of any electric wheelchair. It allows you to control your wheelchair by using any part of your body. 

#4. Aluminum Frames

Most of the foldable electric wheelchairs use aluminium frames as they are lightweight, useful, and are affordable.

#5. Brushless Electric Motor

Also known as electric commutated motor powered through an integrated power supply to produce more power to drive the motor. Brushless motors are less noisy, improves reliability, and increases life.

#6. Standup Option

Standup option provides technical solid and advanced seat options like seat elevation, boosts steering performance, technically advanced and enhanced suspension system.

It helps you to transit from a seated to standing position, allowing you to adjust your body position from one place to another. 

#7. Turning Radius Capability

The turning radius capability of your wheelchair is vital as it is less than 69 inches to help to take turns with great ease.

#8. Hassle Free Wheels

The foldable electric wheelchair should have free wheels. Be sure to have hassle free wheels installed in your wheelchair. These tires must be made of strong durable rubber to avoid botheration of maintenance. Foam filled tires are the best examples of it. They are puncture proof and are manufactured using polyurethane.

#9. Other Features to Consider

Some other considerable features are: the light lithium ion battery helps to travel up to 15 miles and increases the life of your wheelchair. And the removable seat and its cover that increases the level of your physical comfort and stability. 

Final Thoughts

In-depth knowledge about the features of the lightweight foldable electric wheelchair helps to invest in the right wheelchair. We highly recommend considering a lightweight foldable electric wheelchair. Not only are they easy to transport and store, but they are also some of the most maneuverable wheelchairs on the market. At Top Medical Mobility, we carry a wide variety of lightweight foldable electric wheelchairs, so you can be sure to find one that meets your needs and budget.