Shops, schools, and many other venues and institutions are inaccessible to those in wheelchairs.  People with disabilities who use wheelchairs often find it difficult to go over a platform or stairs. They also experience issues when going inside a car or a building that does not have a ramp.

For such situations, a portable wheelchair ramp was developed and now it is proved to be the most useful accessory for wheelchair users.

Here are some of the benefits of having a portable wheelchair ramp:

  1. Navigate Doorways Easily

Some homes have obstacles in the doorways like high door thresholds. Wheelchair users often face difficultly in going over the threshold. There are wheelchair ramps designed to cover these obstacles and allow wheelchairs to glide over the ramp. This offers wheelchair users easier navigation around the house as well as access to rooms that have high door thresholds.

  1. Access the Outdoors

For any wheelchair user, entering and exiting a house that has steps/stairs is quite hard. Ramps make it safe and easy, giving users the freedom to come and go as they please. Also, a ramp offers access to the outdoors where wheelchair users can enjoy outdoor activities.

  1. Enter and Exit the Car

Portable wheelchair ramps like multifold reach ramps and rear door van ramps are designed for automobiles. However, the type of ramp used depends on the wheelchair user, the vehicle, and safety measures. Multifold reach and rear door van ramps allow the user to enter and exit easily and provide the opportunity to drive the car alone. Thus way, wheelchair users don’t have to depend on a family member or friend for assistance.

  1. Run Errands Independently

Wheelchair ramps, that can be installed in the house and car or placed anywhere without any difficulties, provide the wheelchair users with the freedom to run errands without any help. Daily tasks such as grocery shopping, going to the mailbox, and running errands are easy to do alone.

  1. Cost-effective solution

Portable wheelchair ramps are affordable, and you can easily find one that will fit within your budget. However, depending on materials, durability, and quality, the price of portable wheelchair ramps can vary. So, whether you want a ramp for a weekend or daily use, you can find a portable ramp that fits and suits your needs.

  1. Lightweight and Foldable

Portable wheelchair ramps are made from quality and lightweight materials. They can fold in the centre, making them convenient and able to fit into car boots.   If you live or work somewhere that requires better access, portable ramps are the ideal choice.

wheelchair ramp

Factors to Consider While Buying a Portable Wheelchair Ramp

Portable wheelchair ramps offer a great life of freedom to wheelchair users. These ramps provide users with a will to move to different places of the house and other places without the need for aid or an assistant.

However, selecting a wheelchair ramp is a very crucial task, and proper care must be taken in choosing the specifications of the wheelchair ramp. If you take this job lightly, you might end buying an inferior quality portable wheelchair ramp which can have some serious consequences.

Thus, you should consider the following factors while shopping for a portable wheelchair ramp:

  • The weight: The maximum weight limit of the ramp should be higher than the summation of the weight of the wheelchair and wheelchair user along with any person assisting the wheelchair user.
  • Durability: Most common materials used for making portable wheelchairs ramps are steel, wood and aluminium. For safer use, you can give priority to the wheelchair ramp made of sturdy materials.
  • Length: The length of the ramp is a crucial characteristic since the steepness of it increases as the length decreases. If the length of the ramp is short, it would be too steep, and the speed of the wheelchair may go out of control. Thus, choosing the length to provide the right steepness is essential.
  • Width: The width of the ramp should match the width of the wheels. This is also an essential characteristic of wheelchair ramps, and you should ensure that the wheels have enough space to make the wheels stay on the ramp always. For the wheelchairs that have wider dimensions, a wider ramp would be needed. Therefore, the width of the ramp must be selected suitably to accommodate the wheelchair.

When it comes to portable wheelchair ramps, there are several options out there. No single ramp is perfect for everyone, so it is crucial to take into consideration factors like weight, length, durability and portability to ensure that you get the right ramp for your needs. At first, shopping for ramps can be overwhelming. But, if you keep these factors in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect option for yourself.

Make sure that the surface the ramp will be resting on or attached to is stable, flat and even to prevent any accidents. The portable wheelchair ramp is only as good as the resources and environment around it.