It is not difficult to find a medical walker for a senior, especially in this era when they are available in abundance. Depending on the brand and the model, they vary in size, looks, features, and more to meet the particular needs of a person.

However, what is still difficult despite such a wide availability is the selection of the right medical walkerfor a senior. Though it depends on the disabilities of the person you are buying it for what things you need to pay attention to, there are some common considerations for choosing the right walker. Keep on reading to know those considerations.

Height of the walker’s handle
While a too high handle will prevent the user from transferring his weight to his arms, a too low placed handle will require him to bend. So, you need to find a walker having the handle in line with the bend in the wrists of the user. To avoid any issue, you must go for a walker having an adjustable handle.

Weight of the walker
The purpose of a medical walker is to aid the person in walking. And this purpose will not be fulfilled in case the walker is heavy to lift. Make sure the walker is light enough for the user to carry.

Width of the walker
Here we mean the width between both the handles as well as the overall width of the walker. The user should easily fit into the walker without getting his hips touching the sides of the walker and the overall width should fit the home doorways.

Other features
Apart from the dimensions of the walker, there are some other features that you need to consider while buying a medical walker. These include:

– Height of the seat (in case you are buying a rollator)
– Type of brakes (in case you are buying a rollator)
– The capacity of the walker
– Foldability
– Price
– Warranty
Once you find all these factors meeting your requirements, you can buy a particular walker without any doubt. Visit anytime to buy quality yet affordable medical walkers.