There are a few things to do when you are using a wheelchair. You can use the tips below to learn what is best for you when you are using a wheelchair or confined to a wheelchair. Each step will help you remain safe, and you can avoid frustration if you are prepared for your daily routine.

Look For The Curb CutsWhen you are looking for curb cuts, you will know how to get on and off the street. Someone who does not know where the curb cuts are will get trapped on the street, or you might be stuck on the sidewalk because you cannot get onto the street. You might even use Google street view to find the curb cuts before you travel somewhere.

Use An Inflatable Cushion

Find an inflatable cushion that you can sit on while you ride. You do not want to sit on the traditional seat because it is too hard. Plus, you can flip the cushion, remove the cushion to clean it, or change between a few cushions you have in the house. You want to keep your posterior as comfortable as possible, and you can change the inflation level to adjust your comfort level.

Get Anti-Tip Bars

Anti-tip bars are a great thing for you to invest in. These bars will prevent the wheelchair from tipping backwards. You may need to pitch up the front end, and you do not want to fall back while trying to climb a small bump on the road.

Get A Backpack

You can get a backpack that allows you to carry anything you want with you. You can hang the backpack on the back of the chair, fill it with your personal items, and even get a waterproof bag for use when you are outside.

Buy An Electric Pump

You can buy an electric pump for your tires that will help you keep them inflated. You should check them at least once a week to be certain they are in good condition.

Get Tools For Adjustments

You may need a traditional wrench, pliers, or an Allen wrench that will help you adjust the brakes. You need to know the brakes work well, and you can adjust other parts of the chair when needed.

Be Prepared To Feel Slopes As You Move

You will feel slopes much more than you would if you were walking. You should be cautious at all times.

Be Diligent

You should look out for glass because you do not want to puncture your tires. Plus, you should find all the accessible ramps in the places that you visit. When you know about all the wheelchair-accessible areas, you can get around easily. You do not want to waste time searching for places where you can travel safely.


Using a wheelchair requires a bit of diligence and preparation. When you are using the tips above, you can change your life, travel easily, and avoid injuries or damage to the wheelchair.