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Bath Safety Products and Equipment

Bath safety is assistive devices designed for the safety of the elderly and people with temporary or permanent disabilities. Bathroom safety, or simply, safety bath tools are significantly crucial to prevent the likelihood of slips and falls. Older people are prone to falls which can cause fatal injuries to the head, arms, elbows, knees, wrists, and ankles; the recovery process becomes slow to negligible, leading to terminal disorders, and ultimately death.

To ensure maximum safety in lavatories, one of the most important pieces of bath safety equipment is a bar or rail. These bars are designed in various forms keeping in view the needs of their users.

These supportive bath bars are graspable that provide a sense of physical balance and stability while standing, reducing the tendency of fatigue. These bars allow multiple positions for grasping in the shower and bathtubs.

Bath mats for tubs are safety equipment that prevents the likelihood of injuries by absorbing excess water. They are placed right in front of bathtubs to increase friction and reduce the probability of feet or footwear sliding along the smooth surface.

Types of Bath Safety Bars

Bathroom bars are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes. The most common types include:

  • Wall-mounted, which are securely installed in the walls using anchors and screws.
  • Bathtub-mounted bars provide stability while entering and exiting the bathtub; normally, these are attached to the rim of the bathtub using adjustable clamps.
  • Suction bars are particularly designed to use temporarily. They get attached to slippery surfaces, such as tiles, via suction cups. These are best used for individuals recovering from compromised mobility disorders.
  • Folding bars, as the name indicates, are foldable (as fold-down or flip-up) to a reduced size in order to be stored beside the sink or other small spaces when not in use.

Choosing a product and equipment is unique to every reliant based on his/her needs. Also, how spacious or congested your bathroom can be is another strong determinant to select the most suitable and safe bathing. For such reasons, you may need to consult an occupational therapist about which equipment would be most appropriate to use according to your living space and needs. For example, if you depend on an assistant for bathing purposes, you may find such bars more useful and occupy less space.


A careful selection of bathing secure products is essential with respect to your ability to move. If you use shower chairs for elderly, consider buying foldable bath bars so they can be folded and kept in small storage spaces.


Safety equipment and bath lifts for the elderly are medical devices, which are light in weight so both the users and caregivers can lift them with little effort. These are designed to safely and mechanically move the patient into and out of the bathtub or toilet seat.


Most of the handicap bathroom accessories are made of stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion. Nowadays, many equipment are also made of aluminum or other metals, high-density or compound plastic. Some of the bath safety products are textured to ensure a firmer grip as compared to those with smooth textures.


Proper installation of toiletries and safety essentials, such as grab bars, bath and shower seats, bathtub rails, toilet seat raisers, mats, and hand-shower sprays are essential for maximal safety and protection for every user to reduce the risk of any possible mishap that may occur.

  • Universal baths and shower seats function to provide safety and comfort to their dependents in the shower or bathtub.
  • Bathtub rails are necessary to install in order to move independently while getting in and out of the shower.
  • Raised toilet seats are a must for anyone with bending and sitting difficulties.
  • Mats for bathtubs are also available with suction cups to ensure accurate adhesion to the slippery floor and absorb maximum water to avoid all the risks of slipping and falling.
  • To utilize handheld shower sprays, it is important to have upper-body mobility so the users can enjoy these freedom devices and bathe while seated in their place.

Lavatories or restrooms are one of the most concerned places which are meant to be comfortable for all the members of the family living in a house. Talking about elders, who are prone to injuries and disabilities due to physical imbalance or any possible reason, these very restrooms or bathrooms may become hazardous places which increases the likelihood of trembling for them. It is because of the fact that toilets and bathing rooms are slippery owing to factors such as the presence or regular use of water, smooth tiles, or walls. A broad range of safety goods for bathing are available; each of the equipment is essential to use. They do make bathing a much safer experience with no risk of falls or injuries.

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