Life is no more difficult for people with physical disabilities after the introduction of electric mobility scooters in the medical department. Today, people are independent, moving, and roaming around on their conditions, and living an easy and comfortable life.

Traditionally, wheelchairs were in the picture and were widely used. But, the benefits of using wheelchairs were very limited. It required arm strength and stamina to move a wheelchair which was not easy for many people. Besides, a wheelchair was perfect for indoor movement and long-distance traveling was not possible. The electric mobility scooter has successfully combated these disadvantages and has emerged as a blessing for people with a walking disability.

A few advantages of mobility scooters are:

  • Helps in moving from one place to another and accessing areas that people would have trouble reaching
  • No need for extreme arm capabilities and stamina for movement
  • Less expensive as compared to motorized wheelchairs
  • Free-range of movement with the swelling seat

Other than these advantages, people experience many more after they start using an electric scooter.

If you or anyone in your family needs an electric scooter, you should look for the following 5 features:


You will find a 3 wheel electric scooter, a 4 wheel scooter, and a 5 wheel scooter. In every model, you will find two wheels as rear wheels and rest as the front wheels. All three options have their benefits:

  • 3 wheel electric mobility scooter– Less stability but more flexible mobility. Shorten the scooter’s turn radius.
  • 4 wheel electric mobility scooter– Provides greater stability but increase the scooter’s turn radius
  • 5 wheel electric mobility scooter- A 3 wheel electric scooter attached with 2 additional front wheels increases stability than others.


The controls of the mobility scooter are located on the handlebars for easy access. You can control the scooter using fingers and thumbs. Primarily, you will find the control on the right-hand side, but it might reverse for left-handed users.


You will either get a small seat with padded backrest or a larger seat with a backrest and a headrest. The best part of an electric scooter is the swivelling seats that will help you get on and off the scooter. Besides, the seats are adjustable for height and can slide forward and backward.


The mobility scooter runs using an in-built motor that is powered by 12-volt batteries. The size of the battery decides the runtime of the mobility scooter. A large-sized scooter or luxury scooter is likely outfitted with large batteries that are capable of running for 20 hours before the next recharge.


Controlled electrically, the mobility scooters are featured with brakes. These brakes remain on when the scooter is on the drive. Besides, you will find a lever to put the scooter into neutral and push, if required. Sometimes, you will find emergency brakes in the mobility scooter.

So, whenever you are going to purchase an electric mobility scooter, you should check these features. If you find anything is missing, you should switch to other options.

For more details, you should question the manufacturer and supplier of the electric scooter.