Bladder incontinence affects millions of men and women in the United States. If you or a loved one has been experiencing signs of bladder incontinence, this will most probably worsen as you get older. Thankfully, the quality of adult disposable undergarments has improved ever since they were invented and first sold in 1984.

What Causes Bladder Incontinence?

As we age, the muscles that control urination and bowel movements might begin to weaken slightly. When we reach old age, this weakening might be moderate to severe in nature. However, this isn’t always the cause of urinary incontinence. Sometimes, the lifestyle of the individual can play a big part.

Sometimes, a urinary tract infection is the cause of urinary incontinence. This causes the bladder to become oversensitive, making you have to go to the bathroom too frequently. Other times, the foods we eat might be the cause, especially when during midlife to old age. Drinking alcohol and caffeinated beverages regularly can increase the sensitivity of the bladder, making incontinence-prone men and women more likely to experience it.

Women who are pregnant might experience temporary incontinence as they get closer to giving birth. Incontinence might also be a menopausal symptom some women experience. Sometimes incontinence can be worsened by the medications we take. Blood pressure medications, muscle relaxants, and sedatives might greatly increase the urge to urinate.

When is it Time?

When rushing to the bathroom no longer provides enough time to urinate, it might be time for an absorbent undergarment. If incontinence is due to pregnancy, a panty liner is usually enough to keep accidents from occurring. Normally, the incontinence goes away after childbirth unless there are complications.

If incontinence is due to old age, it’s might be absolutely necessary to wear protective undergarments. Incontinence due to old age does not go away, so finding adult diapers that are effective as well as comfortable becomes very important. You or your loved one will have to wear these most of the time, so taking the time to find the type that can suit your needs for years to come should be the goal.

Wearing Adult Diapers

The wearing of adult diapers might not always be welcome, although it becomes necessary after a while. There are ways to use these with discretion so the entire world doesn’t know you are wearing them. Purchasing smaller, more compact varieties make it easy to slip them into a purse or pocket when going to the bathroom.

Whenever you are in a new environment, find out where the restrooms are beforehand so you’re not rushing to find one at the last minute. Using scented, disposable bags helps many men and women cover up the odor. When changing, simply slip the used diaper into the bag, seal, and throw it into the trash.

It also pays to wear the right kind of clothing to support this new lifestyle. Loose-fitting pants, jeans, skirts, and dress bottoms are the best options. With a little bit of practice and careful self-observation, disposable diapers can be worn comfortably for years with no embarrassing situations to be afraid of.