Wheelchairs have been around for a while now and it has been offering great relief to mobility-challenged loved ones. They have been able to carry out so many activities on their own with the help of power wheelchairs. But with proper wheelchair accessories, they would be very much independent in many ways. The below power wheelchair accessories will provide easy access to things and greater comfort for them.


1. PORTABLE OXYGEN TANK HOLDER: This oxygen holder offers power wheelchair users, not just personal freedom, it also offers them security. It is attached to the back of the power chair so as to avoid getting in the way and still in the user’s arm’s reach.

2. BEVERAGE HOLDER: Isn’t it wonderful and a good relief that an amazing beverage holder can be attached to the wheelchair? Family, friends, and even nannies do not have to worry about the hydration of their loved ones. With a beverage holder secured safely onto the armrest of the power chair, water and refreshing will always remain close to hand.

3. SPARE TIRES OF POWER WHEELCHAIR: You don’t have to wait until the current tires ware out completely before you replace them. Buying an extra flat-free tire that never needs air is a brilliant way of keeping a loved one mobile.

4. POWER SEAT LIFT: When a seat can be raised a few inches higher, it is a big relief for power chair users because their reach has been extended and access improved. Height adjustment is almost a crucial part of wheelchair accessibility.

5. SIDE AND BACK WHEELCHAIR BAGS: These side and back attachable bags allow power chair users to carry with them their belongings. These bags have a convenient section and a very private pocket. These bags also come with Velcro and Spring-loaded closures which are some of the amazing features of these bags.

So what are you waiting for? To purchase the above-mentioned wheelchair accessories and any other, you could visit us to make your purchase today and give your loved ones more freedom and more access to independence.