Getting in and out of the shower can be very difficult for some. There is a risk of slipping and falling and getting seriously injured. Finding the right type of bathroom and shower chairs is important to ensure safety. In this article, I will discuss three different types of bathroom and shower chairs and how each one can be used.
1. The Standard Bath Chair:
The most basic option is a Shower Chair for Elderly. These provide a safe place to sit while bathing. The bath chair can be as simple as a basic chair, but can also be more accommodating with the addition of arm rails to aid with balance, support for the back, and holes in the seat for water to drain through. This type of bath chair can be accessorized in ways to suit individual needs. There are many different kinds of bath chairs.

  • Bath Seat With Arms, Without Back
  • Bath Seat With Arms & Back
  • Shower Chair Foldable With Arms

2.  The Bath Bench

In addition to the chair, one could choose a bench instead. The bench allows for more space to sit comfortably. The bath bench can also be used as a transfer bench to help aid in getting from a wheelchair into the bath. This type of bath bench can also come equipped with a commode attached for convenience to those who can benefit. Like the bath chair, these can also be accessorized to fit individual needs by adding arms to help with balance, and back support. Here are a few bath benches:

  • Folding Bath Bench with Back Rest
  • Bath Bench With Back and Padded Arms
  • Bath Bench With Back Without Arms

3.  The Bath Stool

The bath stool is designed with non-slip material to ensure Bath Safety Products. These stools can come with a swivel seat, allowing for one to be able to get on and off and to spin around with ease. Unlike the chairs and benches, there are no arms on the stools to help with balance. The stool is designed for those that require seating options while in the bath, not for those who need help with balance and back support. Here are a few examples of bath stool:

  • Compact Swivel Stool
  • Standard Round Bath Stool
  • Adjustable Height Bath Stool

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