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Wheelchair Trays

Wheelchair Trays

At Top Medical Mobility, our commitment to providing unparalleled freedom and mobility extends beyond traditional mobility aids. We understand that customization plays a crucial role in meeting the diverse needs of individuals with unique mobility requirements. In this pursuit of excellence, we proudly introduce our range of wheelchair trays, meticulously designed to enhance comfort, convenience, and independence for users of wheelchairs.

Revolutionizing Wheelchair Tray Features for Unmatched Comfort and Convenience:

Rigid Insert Covered by High Resiliency Foam: The core of our wheelchair trays lies in the rigid insert, ensuring a stable surface for various activities. Covered by high resiliency foam, users experience superior comfort, reducing the impact of vibrations and bumps commonly encountered during wheelchair use.

Comfort-Tek Cover for Easy Cleaning: The Comfort-Tek cover serves as a protective layer for the rigid insert, offering not only comfort but also easy maintenance. This innovative material is resistant to spills and can be effortlessly cleaned, ensuring that the wheelchair tray remains in pristine condition, ready for daily use.

Quick Attachment to Full Length or Desk Length Arms: We understand the importance of versatility in wheelchair accessories. Our trays feature a quick attachment mechanism compatible with both full-length and desk-length arms, allowing users to choose the configuration that best suits their preferences and activities.

Stability through Clamp, Webbing, or Slide Mount Attachment: The stability of our wheelchair trays is paramount. Users can choose from multiple attachment options, including clamps, webbing, or slide mounts. This ensures a secure connection to the wheelchair, minimizing movement during use and providing a stable platform for various tasks.

Forward Adjustment for Larger Users: Recognizing the diverse range of body sizes among our users, our wheelchair trays incorporate forward adjustment capabilities. This feature ensures that individuals with larger physiques can comfortably position the tray to meet their specific needs, promoting an inclusive and accommodating design.

Easily Moved for Transfers: Accessibility is a key consideration in the design of our wheelchair trays. They are crafted to be easily moved, facilitating smooth transfers in and out of the wheelchair. This feature promotes independence and convenience, allowing users to seamlessly transition between activities.

Transform Your Wheelchair Experience with the Benefits of Wheelchair Trays

The integration of our wheelchair trays with wheelchairs creates a synergy that addresses the unique challenges faced by individuals with elevated weight capacities and diverse mobility requirements. As an extension of our commitment to excellence, these trays enhance the overall user experience in several ways:

Optimized Work and Leisure Activities: The stable and spacious surface provided by our wheelchair trays opens up possibilities for users to engage in various activities, from work-related tasks to leisurely pursuits. Whether using a laptop, enjoying a meal, or engaging in hobbies, users can do so with confidence and comfort.

Increased Independence: Wheelchair trays empower users by promoting independence in daily activities. With a stable and accessible surface, individuals can perform tasks without relying on external assistance, fostering a sense of autonomy and self-reliance.

Enhanced Comfort During Extended Use: The combination of a rigid insert covered by high resiliency foam, along with the Comfort-Tek cover, ensures a comfortable experience during extended use. Users can go about their daily routines with reduced fatigue and increased overall well-being.

Adaptability to Varied Needs: The forward adjustment feature and compatibility with different arm configurations make our wheelchair trays adaptable to the varied needs of users. This versatility allows for a personalized fit, catering to individual preferences and ensuring a seamless integration into the user’s lifestyle.

Easy Maintenance for Long-Term Use: The use of the easy-to-clean Comfort-Tek cover simplifies maintenance, promoting the longevity of our wheelchair trays. Users can enjoy the benefits of these trays for an extended period, confident in their durability and ease of care.

In conclusion, wheelchair trays from Top Medical Mobility serve as a testament to our dedication to providing comprehensive mobility solutions. By seamlessly integrating with our heavy-duty power wheelchairs, these trays elevate the user experience, promoting comfort, convenience, and independence. Explore the possibilities, and step into a new realm of personalized mobility solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.

If you’re ready to enhance your mobility experience with our wheelchair trays or if you have any questions, our knowledgeable phone agents at 1-800-520-8044 are ready to assist you. At Top Medical Mobility, we are committed to redefining mobility solutions to ensure you regain the independence and mobility you deserve.


Question: Can wheelchair trays be used with different wheelchair models?

Answer: Wheelchair trays are often designed to be compatible with a variety of wheelchair models, but it’s essential to check compatibility and ensure proper fitting based on the specific wheelchair and tray design.

Question: Are wheelchair trays easy to clean?

Answer: Wheelchair trays are made from materials that are easy to wipe clean, such as plastic or laminate. Some trays may also have removable, washable covers for added convenience.

Question: How is a wheelchair tray attached to the wheelchair?

Answer: Attachment methods vary but commonly include clamps, brackets, or hooks that secure the tray to the wheelchair frame.

Question: Are there specific safety considerations when using a wheelchair tray?

Answer: Users should be aware of the weight limitations, ensure proper attachment to the wheelchair, and follow any safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Additionally, it’s crucial to use the tray on stable surfaces to prevent accidents.

Question: Are wheelchair trays suitable for outdoor use?

Answer: While some wheelchair trays are suitable for outdoor use, it’s important to consider the specific design and materials. Weather-resistant or waterproof trays may be preferred for outdoor activities.


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