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Medical Trapeze for Hospital Bed

Overview of Medical Trapeze for Hospital Bed

A medical trapeze for a hospital bed is an assistive device designed to help patients reposition themselves in bed safely and independently. It typically consists of a triangular frame suspended over the bed, with a handle or bar that the patient can grasp to pull themselves up or change their position. The trapeze works by providing leverage and support for patients to move, sit up, adjust their posture, or transfer from the bed to a chair. The benefits for patients include increased comfort, reduced risk of pressure ulcers, improved circulation, enhanced independence, and better overall quality of care by enabling easier repositioning and mobility within the hospital setting.

Best Sellers in Medical Trapeze for Hospital Bed

Invacare Trapeze Bar with Trapeze

The Invacare Trapeze Bar with Trapeze is a two-piece trapeze that assembles quickly and works with Invacare’s 7714P floorstand. It features a secure design with an added locking pin for safety, a horizontal bar in the handle for additional grip, heavy-gauge octagonal steel construction for durability, easy tool-less assembly, and a safe working load of 168 lbs.

MedaCure Floor Standing Bariatric Trapeze

The MedaCure Floor Standing Bariatric Trapeze is designed to assist patients in changing position in bed and aid in transferring in and out of bed. It comes with a rubber-coated grab bar for a secure grip, adjustable chain height that locks securely, a weight capacity of 500 lbs, raised rear casters for easy transport, and rubber-coated safeguards to keep the base secure. It is lightweight and easy to assemble.

ProBasics Bariatric Trapeze

The ProBasics Bariatric Trapeze features easy assembly and a lightweight design, with a maximum user weight capacity of 650 lbs, making it ideal for larger users. It helps users change positions in bed, offers overhead triangle grip with an adjustable chain that can be positioned along the overhead boom, and can swivel from 0° to 180° for storage purposes.

Drive Medical Trapeze Standard Brown Steel

The Drive Medical Trapeze Standard Brown Steel is a heavy-gauge two-piece square steel tubing trapeze that provides maximum support. It mounts easily to metal frame headboards, fits most major manufacturers, has an attractive brown-vein finish, is easy to install without tools, and offers easy adjustments in height, length, and horizontal position.


Feature Invacare Trapeze MedaCure Bariatric ProBasics Bariatric Drive Medical
Weight Capacity 168 lbs 500 lbs 650 lbs Not specified
Assembly Tool-less Easy Required tools Tool-less
Material Steel Not specified Not specified Steel
Adjustability Locking pin Adjustable chain Adjustable chain Height, length, position
Additional Features Horizontal bar Raised rear casters, rubber-coated safeguards Swivel boom, overhead triangle grip Fits most major manufacturers
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

By comparing the key features of these best-selling medical trapeze products, you can make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences.

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Enhancing Patient Safety and Care with Medical Trapeze for Hospital Bed
Investing in a medical trapeze for hospital bed is a strategic choice to elevate patient safety and care. These essential devices empower patients to reposition themselves comfortably, reducing the risk of pressure ulcers and improving overall well-being. By providing support and assistance in bed mobility, medical trapeze units contribute significantly to patient comfort and independence. With features like sturdy construction, secure grips, and adjustable settings, medical trapeze for hospital beds not only ensure safety but also enhance the quality of care provided to patients, making them a vital asset in healthcare settings.

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