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Vive Health Gel Seat Cushion

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Vive Health Gel Seat Cushion

The “Vive Health Gel Seat Cushion” is a specific type of seat cushion offered by Vive Health, a reputable company that specializes in medical and mobility products. The Vive Health Gel Seat Cushion is designed to provide comfort and pressure relief for individuals who spend extended periods sitting and may experience discomfort or pain as a result.

Here are the key features commonly associated with the Vive Health Gel Seat Cushion:

Gel-Infused Foam

The cushion is typically made with a combination of gel-infused foam or gel layers and other supportive materials. The gel technology helps distribute weight evenly and reduces pressure on sensitive areas, providing a more comfortable sitting experience.

Pressure Relief

The Vive Health Gel Seat Cushion is designed to provide pressure relief for individuals who may experience discomfort or pain related to prolonged sitting, such as those with lower back pain, coccyx pain, or pressure-sensitive conditions.

Contoured Shape

Many models of this seat cushion have a contoured shape that helps align the pelvis and thighs, promoting proper posture and reducing the risk of developing pressure sores.

Breathable Cover

The cushion typically comes with a breathable and washable cover, promoting air circulation and helping to keep the user cool and dry during use.

Non-Slip Bottom

Some versions of the cushion have a non-slip bottom to help keep it in place on the seating surface.


The Vive Health Gel Seat Cushion is generally lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport or use on various seating surfaces, including chairs, wheelchairs, car seats, and office chairs.

Size Options

The cushion may come in different size options to fit various seating needs and chair dimensions.

Weight Capacity

The Vive Health Gel Seat Cushion is designed to support a range of weight capacities, depending on the specific model.

The Vive Health Gel Seat Cushion is intended to improve seating comfort for individuals who spend prolonged periods seated and may benefit from additional support and pressure relief.

As with any medical product, it’s essential to verify the latest information from the manufacturer or reputable retailers to ensure you have the most up-to-date details about the Vive Health Gel Seat Cushion’s features and specifications.

If you or someone you know is considering this seat cushion, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or seating specialist to ensure it is suitable for the user’s specific needs and requirements. They can help determine if the cushion provides the necessary support and pressure relief for the individual’s unique circumstances.

Look for cushions with a combination of supportive foam and gel technology to provide comfort and pressure relief. Choose a cushion that fits the seating area and supports the user’s weight comfortably. Vive Health aims to provide high-quality products that meet the needs of individuals seeking to improve their overall health, recover from injuries, manage chronic conditions, or enhance their mobility and independence.

  • 60 Day Guarantee

Vive Health Gel Seat Cushion Features

Woman placing wheelchair cushion in the chair


At 18” x 16”, the soft cushion will easily fit in a wheelchair, office chair, lawn chair, bleacher and car

More Options: Accessories for Walkers and Wheelchairs


With a gel core, premium foam layer, a waterproof seal and topped off with a luxuriously soft cover, the 3” thick cushion will relieve back and tailbone pain from sciatica and other conditions

Middle age woman sitting in a wheel chair with cushion

Wheel chair with cushion


The liquid gel core redistributes your weight away from high pressure areas like the tailbone and the coccyx where painful sores could develop


The premium foam layer will not flatten under your weight so that you will sit comfortably day after day

Woman holding wheel chair cushion

Woman placing cushion in a wheel chair


With the exclusive waterproof seal, water will never ruin your wheelchair cushion


The removable cover is completely washable, water resistant and extremely comfortable

Wheelchair cushion



Width: 16”
Length: 16″
Depth: 3”
Width: 18”
Length: 16″
Depth: 3”
Width: 20”
Length: 16″
Depth: 3”


  • Support spine, back, and coccyx
  • Relieve spine, back, and coccyx pressure and pain


  • Inner Gel Layer
  • Supportive Foam Layer
  • Waterproof Seal
  • Removable Cover
  • Materials Contain Latex

What’s Included:

  • Wheelchair Cushion
  • 60 day guarantee

UPC: 028841242267 (16×16); 028841242267 (18×16); 028841242267 (20×16)

Product Number: CSH1014S (16×16); CSH1014 (18×16); CSH1014L (20×16) 

Shipping Weight: 5.6 pounds

Shipping & Returns


Our goal is to offer you the best shipping options, no matter where you live. Every day, we deliver to hundreds of customers across the US, ensuring that we provide the very highest levels of responsiveness to you at all times.

(Please note that shipping to Hawaii and Alaska may be more expensive. if there is any changes in shipping rates for these two locations upon processing your order, we will contact you to further advise of your options.)

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These are the products included in the 30-day return policy:

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  • Rollators.
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We do not currently offer returns for:

  • Wheelchair cushions.
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It is also Important to take note  that while we do offer free shipping on all items above $99 however, when ordering certain heavy Items to residential addresses there may be a liftgate delivery fee associated with the carrier amd or for other orders with special delivery.that we just pass on to you we will advise you after placing the order if that’s the case.

** Custom Orders **

by ordering any item stated to be a custom product and or Top Medical Exclusive Item, you agree that we have a very strict return policy on items shipping overseas through custom ordered. For these special orders we will not accept any returns or refunds after placing an order. if an Item arrives damaged we will work directly with you to fully troubleshoot the product and to get all parts needed to make sure your product is in working and good condition. In case we are not able to get the product to work after making all efforts of troubleshooting and providing damaged parts (maximum 30 days) and or if it is determined that the item cannot be fixed then we will go ahead and issue a refund and or replace the device for you. We require you to report any shipping damages or defects within 48 hours of shipping.


8 reviews for Vive Health Gel Seat Cushion

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  1. Ronnie Young

    Excellent cushion!

  2. Gerald Mitchell

    Shipped early. Thanks!

  3. Terry Carter

    Bought for my mom. She loves it, easy to clean.

  4. Dwight Carter

    Worth the price!

  5. P. Anderson

    Comfortable. I like it

  6. Dwayne Nelson

    The cushion is very comfortable. I love it

  7. Alex Taylor

    My father loved it. Very comfortable to sit on. He’s very happy. Thanks!

  8. Vanessa M.

    Love this cushion, added to my wheelchair. Very comfortable. Fits perfect

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