Medical walkers come in different types, each catering to specific needs and preferences. Selecting the right walker depends on an individual’s mobility requirements, physical condition, and lifestyle.  If you are unable to walk, then it does not mean you have to depend on others.

It’s just a small physical inability that should never hamper your normal life. You never know when you would recover from the problem and lead a normal life like others. You have to fight with the situation and live as nothing has happened. We know it’s difficult, but it’s not impossible. And, the best way to overcome your inability is by using a medical walker.

It’s a type of mobility aid that will help you to move if you are unable to walk. Using a walker means you will not require a wheelchair for moving from one place to another. The structure of a medical walker is such that it allows leaning, balancing, supporting, and resting.

A medical walker is usually made of aluminium because the material is very lightweight. The lightweight of the walker makes it easy for you to pick and move ahead. The grips are made of foam, gel, or rubber that enhances the user’s comfort.

Today, you will find different types of medical walkers in the market. In case you have to purchase one for yourself, you should know the available options.

For your reference, we have mentioned the 5 common types of medical walkers.

  • Basic Walkers or Crutches

The walker was introduced in the medical department with this model and it is considered one of the most common types. It is usually made up of aluminium and is lightweight but can handle the weight capacity of the seniors who are on the heavier side. These are suitable for indoor surfaces.

  • Wheeled walkers

These are similar to basic walkers but are attached to two wheels. Unlike the basic model, you can use wheeled walkers for outdoor purposes. These are less stable and might cause injuries. If the wheels are fixed, it increases the stability and maintains a proper balance.

These are four-wheeled medical walkers that offer the greatest freedom of movement. The four wheels in rollators help in keeping a proper balance along with a high degree of stability. Sometimes, these rollators are equipped with hand brakes that make functioning easier. Besides, you will find seats in the rollator walkers.

This is one of the most comfortable walkers that makes both walking and getting up easier. You need canes in case you are suffering from both walking inability and weakness. You do not have to exert so much pressure to stand or move with the help of the canes medical walkers. Most of them are similar to each other.

  • Folding Walkers

It is an inexpensive and perfect option if you need it for a short time. After use, the folder walkers are easy to fold and store. Unlike rollator walkers, the folding walkers have four supports but without wheels. These are not applicable for long walks but are easy to use when travelling far off in a car, bus or plane. You can fold and easily fit it in your conveyance.

With this short yet useful blog, you got to know the medical walker types. So, we hope you will select the right option.